Boundary Object at the Bell

the Bellで毎月開催しているBoundary Object。ブリストルに来てから、ほぼ毎月参加していて、29回目の開催となる今回はDJとして参加します。

3rd March 2013 / Boundary Object 029

3rd March 2013 / Boundary Object 029

Boundary Objectではこれまでのフライヤーを見ると、ブリストルに居る様々なDJがプレイして来ていることが分かる。実際に参加している自分としては、みんなと一緒に呑んだり、共に空間を共有する機会としてBoundary Objectは機能しているように思う。
the Bellはクラブではなくパブで、入場料金なし。普通に飲みに来ているお客さんに交じってパーティーが開催されます。そういう場でのDJは久しぶりで、プレイする曲やプレイの仕方は自ずと変わってくるだろうし、何よりお酒が進むプレイを心がけようと思う。


I am going to play DJ at 29th Boundary Object at the Bell which I have visited almost every month since I came to Bristol.

According to the flyers so far, you see various DJs in Bristol have played at Boundary Object. For me as a person that has visited and seen it, it plays a role to make opportunities to drink or share a time and space wich people together.
The Bell is not a club, but a pub. No entrance fee. Parties take place at the pub where people come and just drink regardless of music, which makes me think it good to see a wide range of people. It has been ages since I last played DJ at a place like this. I suppose music I played and the ways for playing it will naturally change there. Above all, I will play DJ to provoke everyone’s appetite for alcohol.
I am looking forward to see how Peverelist and Asusu will play DJ there.

See you there!

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