Livity Sound Japan Tour

11月に大阪と東京にてLivity Soundのジャパンツアーを行います。

2014.11.07 金 : Livity Sound Night at Circus 大阪

2014.11.08 土 : House Of Liquid at Liquidroom 東京

Livity Sound


2013年までのオリジナル作品はどれもイビツな感覚を持っているサウンド、だけれど引き続きダンス・ミュージックとして機能し得る、というDJにとってプレイしがいのあるものばかりで、リリースのたびに新鮮な興奮を届けてくれるLivity Sound。今年に入ってからはリミックス・プロジェクトを展開していますが、リミキサーの人選(SurgeonからDresvnまで)を見るだけでも彼らが見ている音楽性を感じることが出来ると思います。


RAに掲載されたこちらの映像は、Livity Soundのライブの様子を掴むのには丁度いいと思います。今年のFreerotationでも彼らはライブセットをやっていて、このRAのものとは異なる要素がふんだんに盛り込まれていました。「最近どのレコードを聴いても同じようなものばかりだなぁ」と思ってる人には、ぜひLivity Soundのライブセットを聞いて欲しいと思います。

大阪公演ではライブセットに加えて3人はDJもするという一夜を通してLivity Sound、という内容です。東京公演時には僕も現場にいくので、色々な人と久しぶりに会えるのも楽しみにしている1つです。



Livity Sound carries out a music tour in Japan in November.

Fri 7th November 2014 : Livity Sound Night at Circus Osaka

Sat 8th November : House Of Liquid at Liquidroom Tokyo

I’d like to give a big shout to those who have helped make this happen, especially in the case with 3 people from Europe to Japan!

With every and each release they dropped until 2013, the trio showcased an array of original works that feel interestingly quirky and yet still work well as dance music, which inspires many DJs into a new field. This year has seen them set out the remix project including everyone from Surgeon to Dresvn, which exemplifies the trio’s extensive musical aesthetic.

It feels like their live performance has been honed to perfection since the first show in 2012, bringing another perspective towards dance music and an exciting prospect in their future releases at each experience at their gigs. Perfection might not be a right word because they seem to aim less perfection than flexible change, accepting differences positively.

This video, which appeared on RA earlier this year, can be the best to grab the vibe of it, though there were many different, unheard elements involved when they performed at this year’s freerotation. “It seems like any releases sound the same these days.” if you feel like this, then Livity Sound’s singular sound is definitely too big to miss!

In Osaka, the trio take over the place, playing each DJ set as well as the live set over the night. I’ll be at the venue in Tokyo and am really looking forward to seeing a lot of friends over there again!

See you there!

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