freerotation 2013






I am going to Freerotation which takes place in Hay-on-Wye, Wales over the weekend, from Friday four days and three nights.
I can’t remenber when, though, Soulphiction explained to me that first day is great, second is excellent, and third is crazy, with big smile on his face.
This expression grabs exactly how the atmosphere at the venue changes and if you are there, you can feel the implication of this expression as the festival goes.
As I played DJ at the very end on the third day of the festival last year, in other words, as I played DJ in the craziest atmosphere and scent made from the powerful audience and cooked deliciously by the awesome acts over the festival, I re-realized the energy of Freerotation festival. It is my honor to have played there.
I’ll see what time I am going to play this year at the venue. Anytime is welcome.

I camped out last year for the first time in the past several Freerotation and got a good feeling, so I am going to camp this year again. Moreover the forecast said it is going to be perfect sunny day over the weekend!

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