LMD Showcase / Subloaded 8th Birthday

今週末29日(土)elevenでLMD Showcaseが開催。


2012.09.29 Sat | Lick My Deck Showcase

自分は企画面で関わっていて、πEnsembleの作品が最高のPetre Inspirescuに、Akikoちゃんがエクスペリメンタルセットと称してスペシャルなライブ、ミックスの度にぐいぐいグルーヴを増すカブトくん、それにヤスくんの協力でhandのDJ陣にも参加してもらえることになった。



2012.09.29 Sat | Subloaded 8th Birthday


Sat 29th this weekend, LMD takes place for their own showcase at Eleven Tokyo.
I have concerned this event for planning and booking. It is great that Petre Inspirescu will play as we know his production under πEnsemble project, Akiko Kiyama will perform her first very special experimental live set, one of my favorite DJs, Kabuto will get it more grooving as always, kindly cooperation of Yasu will bring great DJs from a party Hand. I believe every lineup feels sympathy with a sense of music each other and this will be bringing a sense of unity with audience.

On the same day, DJ Pinch holds his own party Subloaded 8th birthday at club Exchange that recently opened in Bristol.
It is my first Subloaded and I am going to play DJ there. Also first time to go to Exchange and I look forward to see the party and the venue. I have experienced DJ play of some of this lineup in Japan but I am also looking forward to see how differently they will play in home party and hometown Bristol.

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